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Who We Are

At Firsthousebuyers, we serve the cycle of purchasing, owning and living in the first home for consumers in New Zealand. Our goal is to arm first home buyers with the information needed to make the best decisions. We do this through articles provided by professional, respected and experienced real estate agents and industry writers. Each of our contributors has expertise in purchasing a first home and is here to share this knowledge.

At First House Buyers, we offer content and a community of experienced members to help people avoid mistakes associated with purchasing a first home. We work dedicatedly to bring real estate experts, newbies, and every other person together to gain the knowledge needed to make the best first home decision.

What you should consider when buying a first home

Don’t rely on your judgment onlone; instead, consdier hiring a professional inspector or real estate agent to check the house out for you. An inspection will let you know if the property owners were sincere in their listing, and also reveal unnoticed issues. It will also ensure that the property is equipped with a solid foundation, durable flooring, a sturdy roof, and quality windows.